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3D2GO Printer Cart

Product #37133D

3D2GO Printer Cart

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 The 3D2GO Printer Cart has a spacious worksurface that will accomodate most popular 3D printers. We have two of these 3D Printer carts on Liquidation. These were company prototypes and have minor scratches and blemishes.

Both of these carts have Enclosed Storage, Bin Racks, Spool Racks, Power Switches, Two Metal Storage Trays, and 4" HD Wheels. The differences between Printer cart #1 and #2 are as follows:

Printer Cart #1-Includes an optional Handle.

Printer Cart #2-Includes Two Flip-Up Shelves and a Surround.
Dimensions: 32" wide x 24" deep x 30" high
Weight: 109 LBS.
Color: Oak/Champagne
Quantity Available: 2


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