Edtech: The Classroom Of The Future

Posted: November 25, 2015

Some of you may already know what educational technology is, for those of you who don’t know edtech is a new practice that classrooms are adapting too. It takes the traditional classroom setting and flips it by using technology as the main platform of learning.
Anytime there is technology involved, there is going to be controversy about whether or not it is going to be beneficial to the students or end up hurting them in the long run. According to EdTech Review, one of the biggest arguments is that by having technology in the classroom the students are going to become more distracted by the screens and focus less on the content that is being taught. While this can hold true, it is important that the teachers set clear rules and expectations for the technology and preferably use technology that the students are already familiar with, for example laptops, tablets, or smartphones. It is also important to remember that the teachers can set up parental locks on the electronics so the students can only see and view certain apps or content.
Another leading argument is that children already have plenty of screen time outside of the classroom and if they start incorporating it in the curriculum, students are going to continue to have poor communication skills. While it is true that many kids already have a lot of screen time, it is important to remember that the content at which they are looking at is educational and monitored. Furthermore teachers who have already adapted to educational technology also incorporate oral presentations and have the children work in groups. It could be argued that by having both platforms for learning the students are actually becoming more rounded and dynamic in this ever changing world of technology.
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There are some definite pros to using technology in the classroom. First off, the use of different electronics is a fun and effective way to learn because it gets the students more involved with the content.  There are a variety of online e-tools and apps to help teachers and students better collaborate with one another and get the most out of their learning experience. 

One of the best reasons to incorporate technology in the classroom is that it is preparing students for the digital age that we live in. Technology is everywhere and is being used for everything. It is only fair that we prepare our students for what is to come. By having technology as part of the classroom norm, it gives students the proper tools and skills that they will need throughout college and ultimately the rest of their lives.

Spectrum Industries understands the importance of technology and how it is slowly becoming the future of learning. We are dedicated to providing products that help facilitate learning through the use of technology and communications equipment.  We are proud to say that we have assisted many classrooms to become more tech friendly through the use of our Chromebook/ iPad/ laptop carts, lecterns, and collaboration tables. We look forward to working with many more school and institutions to help get them edtech ready.

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