Thinking Green For Earth Day Week: What's Green At Spectrum?

Posted: April 21, 2010

Blog Post Image Going green has always been a good idea. Conspicuous consumption of resource and profligate production of waste might make sense if energy, raw materials, and landfill space were unlimited, but those conditions have never really existed on this planet. Despite the fact that environmental awareness - "green" thinking - is a relatively recent phenomenon, Spectrum Industries stepped up to the plate several years ago. In fact, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) awarded Spectrum Industries the GSA Evergreen Awards (under the furniture category) in 2007. Blog Post Image 2
Spectrum strives to be a model facility in both the furniture industry and the community; implementing environmental sustainability initiatives which include waste prevention, material recovery and recycling, and environmentally conscious product design. What exactly is Spectrum doing to reduce their environmental footprint? Since 1998, Spectrum has used powder-coating technology as a replacement for solvent- based finishes, reducing the combined air emissions of Volatile Organix Compounds (VOCs) by 60%. Spectrum has also teamed up with another firm, Comprehensive Recycling, to collect and recover plastic material resulting from the manufacturing process for recycling and reuse. Blog Post Image 3 Additionally, when Spectrum acquired a new manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in 2005, we purchased several acres of wetland which we will continue to preserve in all future expansions and facility improvements. Then in 2007, Spectrum installed a new environmentally conscious paint line and wash system in our new facility, which saves energy by operating at room temperature, eliminating the need to heat the wash solution. During the wash any excess cleaning solution is captured, filtered and recycled.
What's green in 2010? This marks the third year that Spectrum Industries’ employees have cleaned the company grounds for Earth Day. The big difference in 2010, however, is that there is notBlog Post Image 4 as much to do. Due in part to the successes of prior years, keeping the facilities at 925 1st Avenue and 1600 Johnson Street has become more proactive. As early as Mother Nature allows, all parking lots are swept of sand and salt to prevent undesirable runoff into the adjacent streets and wetlands. Overgrown shrubs and trees are now pruned well in advance of Earth Day. Spectrum’s approximately 6 acres, and neighboring properties, are consistently kept clean by employees. That’s not to say that Spectrum employees won’t be outside again tomorrow for Earth Day. It’s just that it won’t take all day this year to accomplish the entire cleanup! Spectrum Industries is committed to positively impacting the world’s environment; thus, we will continue to pursue improvements through proactive waste prevention material recovery and recycling, environmentally conscious product design and procurement and by being a model facility.
Click here for more information on Spectrum's Environmental Impact
What would you like to see Spectrum do to make the world a little greener?
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