Benefits Of Learning Spaces

Posted: December 24, 2015

In recent posts we've gone over the importance of technology and collaboration in the classroom and the impact they are having on the future of learning. Now we are going to look at how the layout and design of the classroom also plays a key role.

Blog Post ImageMany of the learning spaces that you will see have a very open concept and a variety of "stations" that students can do their work at, individually or with others. Many learning spaces use a variety of colors and shapes in the architectural design and furniture to help spark creativity and imagination. The whole concept of learning spaces is to make the students feel more comfortable and have fun with learning.

An article called 20 Things Educators Need to know about Learning Spaces that was released earlier in the year and has some very good ideas to optimize the effectiveness of your learning space. One of the key points that we took from the article was that it is important to make these spaces as comfortable as you can. Make the students feel like they are at home instead of school, this especially helps with students who suffer from anxiety. Another good idea is to allow different seating patterns and configurations. By having a variety of seating options to choose from, students can work in different areas depending on the project or activity they're doing. Finally, make your learning space technology accessible. Technology keeps integrating itself into the classroom through various channels. Know the technology that you are going to want in the classroom ahead of time to you can plan accordingly.

Blog Post Image 2Learning spaces aren't just restricted to the classroom; many companies have started to use them for their employees to help generate creativity and productivity. Google is a very good example of a well-designed work space. Throughout the buildings, Google has a variety of different employee spaces that are meant to be playful and can act as a leading motivator in productivity.
Learning spaces, technology, and collaboration are all playing a huge role in the future of education and business. Spectrum Industries understands this and that is why we are committed to bringing our customers the most innovative designs with our technology and communication furniture. We have already assisted many schools and businesses with their furniture needs and look forward to continue to do this in the future. 
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