Billion Acts Of Green

Posted: March 24, 2010

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Our planet needs help, and your actions matter! The Billion Acts of Green campaign, developed by the Earth Day Network, is the core of Earth Day's 40th Anniversary program. This effort is focused on the facilitation and cultivation of service on behalf of the planet. The goal of the campaign is to aggregate the millions of environmental service commitments that individuals and organizations around the world make each year - thereby sending a powerful message that people from all walks of life are committed to solving climate change. The Billion Acts of Green web site serves as the repository for these commitments. Through the web site, individuals and organizations can make their own commitments to the environment. These commitments will be automatically counted toward Earth Day Network's Blog Post Image 2ultimate goal of a billion acts. Currently the website has raked in 5,062,593 acts of green. Become an environmental leader by adding your green act today, and read more about Earth Day Network's large and small-scale environmental projects around the world at Billion Acts of Green. Today I pledged to unplug all of my electronics when they are not in use! See how Spectrum is minimizing their environmental impact, or calculate your own environmental footprint. Earth day is April 22, 2010...only 29 short days away!
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