Furniture In Architectural Laminate Colors? Of Course We Do That!

Posted: March 16, 2010

As furniture manufacturers, we at Spectrum Industries are well known for our durable yet stylish desks, lecterns, and laptop carts. Flip through our catalog and you will see plenty of reasons why we can add value to educational and training facilities for many years to come. But what is not shown in our mainstream literature is our knack for customization. As any successful company would, we’re happy that all of our fine efforts appeal to the masses, but we love to show off every once in a while, too! Our Product Development staff certainly has all the talent and tools to do so. For years now we’ve put together some interesting color schemes in our products. Recently we’ve had architects who have always admired our furniture, but only recently discovered that custom laminates and powder coatings are fair game as well. Our message: Be our guest. By all means, flip through the Wilsonart laminate of your choice and complement it with a powder coating from our partner Spraylat. Even though industrial color combinations are often the name of the game, our employees honestly stand out and admire the custom-colored media consoles and laptop storage carts waiting to be packaged. Furniture Made in the USA by Spectrum Industries, Inc.
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