Sometimes Higher Seeds Are Just Upsets-in-waiting

Posted: March 28, 2011

Predictions are down the tubes. Hopes for being known as the local Nostradamus are dashed. You played it safe by choosing the favorites and the favorites have let you down big time! This is a common refrain heard from hoop enthusiasts during the regionals of this year's NCAA basketball tournament. It is also a very common refrain Spectrum Industries hears from our new customers. Some high-profiled competitors have slick marketing campaigns and very slick sales representatives that make big promises on products that just can’t deliver. Many of our customers have turned to Spectrum when the big guys’ products fall apart or when their customer service is simply no help at all. Spectrum products are built to last using quality materials and quality, ISO 9001:2008-based manufacturing methods. Our lecterns and carts are not trendy ideas whipped together and hastily distributed just so that we can be first to the market square. We listen to what our customers really need and make sure that all their specifications are met – before and after a sale is made! That way our product sells itself and we don’t have to rely on glitzy schemes to drive sales. Many famous sports announcers have a tendency to play it safe when it comes to their Final Four picks. In such decision-making, one program’s perceived prowess generally trumps another program’s cohesion and character. Our customers know that cohesion goes a lot farther than empty promises! Busted Bracket image courtesy of senatorsforum Teamwork image courtesy of thegoldguys
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