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Posted: August 24, 2016

At Spectrum, we believe in building products that last. We offer a 10-year warranty on our tables, desks, lecterns, and carts because we believe in standing by our products which are all designed and assembled in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. However, with the constant change and innovation of technology, our products will often outlast the electronics they are initially used with. To keep up with the demand of an ever-changing tech market we aspire to build products that can adapt so that you won't need to replace your furniture every time you replace your electronics. Here are a few examples of how this is done:

Blog Post ImageMobile Device Carts
  • Intuitive wire management and adjustable power strips accommodate different styles of in-line adapters and wall plugs 
  • QuickBrick™ trays can be added or removed as needed to adapt to changing wiring needs 
  • Padded shelves and flexible dividers protect devices of different sizes 

Blog Post Image 2
  • Industry Standard Rack Units are used in our equipment racks and cubes
  • New lecterns feature removable rack cubes for easy integration and changing of technology
  • Overbridge Control Consoles feature replaceable instrument panels for updating cutouts as needed
As technology changes, Spectrum continues to adapt our designs to meet customers' expectations. As territory manager Drew Cave says, "it has given Spectrum the opportunity to develop innovative products to support ever-changing needs,” 
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