Loyal Spectrum Employees Accumulate 355 Years Of Work

Posted: March 19, 2010

From 25 years at Spectrum to 10 years at Spectrum; employee loyalty is what keeps the innovative wheels turning.
Several employees were recognized at yesterday's company-wide meeting for their years of service at Spectrum Industries.
Employed for 25 years (from left to right), Kevin Sobotta, Greg Gadke and Leonard Woodman started their careers with Spectrum in 1985.
Employed for 20 years (from left to right), Teresa Repaal, Dave See, Martin Klomstad and Jim Lloyd began their careers with Spectrum in 1990.
Employed for 15 years, John Ketterhagen, Scott Dorn, Mary Matuszak, Brian Shufelt, Laurie Johnson, Karl Dinger and Scott Drake started their careers with Spectrum in 1995.
Finally, employed for 10 years, C.W. King, Butch Dachel, Barb Frazer, Kyle Hansen, Ben Williams, Tyler Hanson, Dave Naiberg and Lonnie Kroeplin began their careers with Spectrum in 2000.
Spectrum would like to thanks all of these employees for their hard work and dedicated years of service.
Together these employees have accumulated an overwhelming 355 years of work experience at Spectrum; and together they have largely contributed to Spectrum's success.
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