Spectrum’s Flex Insight Desk – We Aim To Add Value

Posted: June 11, 2010

Spectrum Industries has found that the best way to build long-term relationships with our customers is to provide products that add value to their lives. In line with today’s theme of trying to get the most out of what you have, our customers in education are using multi-purpose rooms to be as efficient as possible. So to provide them with the most value we can, we have added the Flex Insight Desk to our line of multi-use furniture. We have manufactured desks that convert from a computer workstation to a lecture desk for almost 10 years now. Remember when CRT’s ruled the computer world? Spectrum made flat panel monitor products even then! But now that computers are so integral to learning, the traditional computer lab has become quite 1-dimensional. Educators have the need to be more efficient, and we have listened to them. So when our customers see the Flex Insight, we are expecting that they will say, well, “Wow!” We have designed this desk to be easy enough for a child to use. The Flex Insight is not a computer desk that, with some doing, makes a decent lecture desk. It is an excellent ergonomic computer desk that readily converts into an excellent lecture desk with plenty of writing space. There is really no desk out there that can compare – not only in standard features, but in price. Take a little time to read more about the Flex Insight on Spectrum’s website. But better yet, test-drive the Flex Insight Desk at a trade show near you. Here’s a schedule of where we’ll be. Come see the value that Spectrum Industries can bring into your life!
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