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  • Spectrum Is Now On Twitter!


    Spectrum is now utilizing Twitter!Twitter is a service designed to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. Short updates, often called "tweets" of 140 characters or fewer are posted to your profile (as well as linked to blogs, networking sites or websites)…

  • Spectrum On The Web: Who Is Using Spectrum Industries' A/v Lecterns?


    Calvin College recently chose Spectrum's Media Manager and Compact Presentation Lecterns as their instructional lecterns of choice!For more about this story visit the website at: more about Calvin College please visit their…

  • Innovative Universal Design Lectern Introduced By Spectrum Industries


    Spectrum Industries is proud to introduce the Freedom Lectern – a combination of quality, flexibility, and aesthetics unparalleled by any lectern on the market.Today’s lecterns lack the versatility to be ergonomically managed by a variety of staffed instructors. In addressing this issue, the…

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