Compact Lectern

Description: The Compact Lectern brings a small but stylish lectern to the media-intensive classroom featuring a steel chassis with intergral ventilation and front and rear access in a small footprint. Scratch and impact-resistant high-pressure laminate top provides a durable. useful worksurfacefor instructors. Worksurface surround provides privacy and styling. (For futher options to this unit, see the "Compact Lectern" under the "Lecterns and Podium Solutions" section of our website. The liquidation pricing is available on our discontinued Indigo Organix color only!  Units will be be made to order and are sold "AS IS". Item Numbers: 55212 (Liquidation Pricing on Indigo Organix Color only)
Dimensions: 32" wide x 24" deep x 41" high (to worksurface).

Color: Indigo Organix Only!  (Mahogany Color is Pictured).

Quantities Available: Standard Worksurface- Up to 23
                                  Worksurface with Power Module Cutout- Up to 17

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