InVision Active Learning Pod System

Description: The InVision Active Learning Pod System is a great way to get students to communicate. Individual table shapes encourage creative large or small group arrangements. Casters on the legs of this unit makes it easy to break out as teams, them slide back together for group interaction. The Center Pedestal places the latest technology at the center of group learning. Also comes with a Pedestal Riser with three grommets for convenient cable management.  These units have been used at some of our tradeshows, so they have some scratches and blemishes. Units are sold "AS IS". Item Numbers: 37109IB, 37110IB, 37111IB
Dimensions: Tables (72" wide x 30" deep x 29" high)
                     Center Pedestal (41-3/4" wide x 36-3/4" deep x 29" high)
                     Pedestal Riser (41-3/4" wide x 36-3/4" deep x 9" high)

Color: Indigo Organix

Quantity Available: 1 Set-Consisting of:
                                   3-Tables (37109IB)
                                   1-Center Pedestal (37110IB)
                                   1-Pedestal Riser (37111IB)

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