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Double Flex InSight Desk

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Double Flex InSight Desk

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Moving students from a classroom to a computer lab to use computer monitor desks disrupts them from their normal classroom environment and takes them out of their comfort zone. The Flex InSight gives students a mult-use classroom: the transition from lecture desk to computer based testing desk is quite seemless.

Quantities and Models Available:

3- 38971CHB 60" x 30" Locking, Color: Cherry/Black

2-38977CHB 72" x 24" Locking, Color: Cherry/Black

4-38960FMB 72" x 30" Locking, Color: Fusion Maple/Black

1-38967FMB 72" x 30" No Lock, Color: Fusion Maple/Black

Weight Range: 209-277 lbs.


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