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Elite Lectern

Product #55258 (Liquidation Pricing on Indigo Organix Color Only)

Elite Lectern

The Elite Lectern is easily the most practical lectern for the media-intensive classroom featuring a steel chassis with integral ventilation, and a large document camera drawer protected with a dual-bolt lock. It is available with many options, and they can be seen under the "Lecterns and Podium Solutions" section of the website. Liquidation prcing is on the Indigo Organix color only ( The Lectern above is shown in the Castle Oak Color, and the Flip-Up Shelf, Overbridge, and AV Equipment are not included).  Units are sold "AS IS".

Dimensions: 38" wide x 28.5" deep x 41" high (to worksurface)

Color: Indigo Organix Only! (Unit Shown above is in Castle Oak)

Quantities Available: Up to 56


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