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Element Table

Product #37128

Element Table

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The InVision Element Table is the next generation of affordable, durable active collaboration furniture available for educational or corporate settings. The two tables here are from our Display Room Floor and have just minor blemishes.

Table #1- 96" long x 42" wide x 31"high*.  T-Leg Style.                                          
Color: Nepaal Teak Laminate Surface/Silver Metal Base.                                     
Includes Display Stand for Monitor and Two Electric Coves.                                
Part Numbers needed to place order:                                                                    
1-0118784NPNP Surface                                                                                                                        
1-0118786S Cord Channel                                                                                    
1-37130-S Display Stand                                                                                       
2-99044S Coves                                                                                                                                                                             
1-0118789S 30" T-Legs                                                                                      

Table #2- 96" long x 42" wide x 42" high*. T-Leg Style.
Color: Fusion Maple Laminate Surface/Silver Metal Base.
Includes Display Stand for Monitor.
Part Numbers needed to place order:
1-0118786S Cord Channel
1-37130-S Display Stand
1-0118386S 42" T-Legs

Table #1-150 lbs.
Table #2-180 lbs.


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