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Moving students from a classroom to a computer lab to use computer monitor desks disrupts them from their normal classroom environment and takes them out of their comfort zone. The Flex Insight gives students a multi-use classroom: the transition from lecture desk to computer based testing desk is quite seamless. This enables students to perform to their highest capabilities in technology-rich environments.

With monitor, keyboard, and mouse safely stored inside the desk, the Flex Insight provides a classic classroom environment and even has 19” of available space for taking notes. In this Flex Insight configuration, teachers can instruct students without interference from technology. When it is time for a computer monitor desk, a monitor easily rises with a built-in assist system. And when the test is completed, all computer accessories easily descend back into the desk. The monitor is so easy to lift and set down that even small children can safely and readily manage the Flex Insight Desk.

After shipping a half million desks, Spectrum has set our innovative focus towards computer desks of the future. Now is the time to make classrooms flexible and keep students in sight with Spectrum’s Flex Insight Desk.


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