Designed & Assembled

Designed & Assembled in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Spectrum Industries Inc. is proud to call Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin home for over 45 years and employs over 200 individuals in the Chippewa Falls area

Spectrum’s 500,000 square foot production facilities, where products are designed and assembled, have been the birthplace for thousands of innovative high quality products since 1968.

Spectrum Industries concentrates on manufactured products; primarily wood, wood composite and steel products that are shipped throughout North America and select projects internationally.

We are proud to say that all design, engineering, sales, production, and shipping of our products takes place within our facilities in Chippewa Falls. Production of metal parts for the products begins at Spectrum’s First Avenue plant in the metal forming area where metal is cut, formed, and welded. The metal parts also go through the powder coating process at this facility. The pieces are then transported to the Johnson street facility. This plant houses our assembly and wood fabrication departments along with our pallet assembly for product transportation. Products go through their final assembly and quality inspection before being packaged and shipped out from the Johnson street facility.

The company’s diverse product lines certainly live up to the Spectrum name. In the past several years, Spectrum has manufactured and shipped over 4,300 different products throughout the world.

Along with a full line of mobile computing carts, Spectrum is known for producing lecterns, collaboration tables, desks, and more. Our furniture is perfect for any education, healthcare, government, or corporate setting.

Spectrum is proud that our product line is designed, assembled, and shipped from our factory in Chippewa Falls, WI. We are more confident than ever that our commitment to producing high-quality products and providing complete customer satisfaction will benefit you.

Designed and assembled in Chippewa Falls WI