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PowerProdigy™ Timer – The smartest Spectrum charging system includes load sensing technology that creates a charging profile for the devices inside.  The prodigy determines the power needs of the devices. It will then charge one or multiple banks of devices throughout the charging process until the devices are fully charged.  The PowerProdigy will continually check the power draw of the devices, determining the fastest method of charging high wattage devices.

eLogix™ Timer – Simplified Sophistication. This no-touch smart charging system switches automatically to each bank and will charge systematically.

Power Switch – This is the perfect choice for charging low-wattage devices like tablets, phones and some Chromebooks. Simply turn on the power and all device will charge at once.


Timer Comparison

PowerProdigyeLogixPower Switch
External Auxiliary Outlet yes No yes
Internal Auxiliary Outlet yes yes yes
External On/Off Switch yes yes yes
Load Sensing Technology yes No No
Two Banks for Charging No yes No
Four Banks for Charging yes No No
For Devices up to 65W yes yes No
For Devices up to 45W No No yes
Lights Indicate Charging Status yes yes No
ETL Certified to UL 60950-1 yes yes yes




PowerProdigyeLogixPower Switch
Collectiv8 Power Module yes yes yes
Connect36 yes yes yes
Connect18 No No yes
Connect30 yes No yes
Cloud32 yes yes yes
Cloud40 yes No No
Cloud40 Flex Lectern yes No No
InTouch32 No No yes
InTouch42 No No yes
Pro20 yes yes yes
Pro32 yes yes No
Pro32 Flex Lectern yes yes No
SIM32 No yes yes

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