Who We Are

An overview of Spectrum Industries

Spectrum Industries Inc. is headquartered in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Its 500,000 square foot production facilities have been the birthplace for thousands of innovative high quality products. Spectrum concentrates on manufactured products; primarily wood, wood composite and steel products that are shipped throughout North America and select areas internationally. Spectrum employs approximately 200 individuals in the Chippewa Falls area and another 15 outside the area.

Our Products

The company’s diverse product lines certainly live up to the Spectrum name. In the past several years, Spectrum has manufactured and shipped over 4,300 different products throughout the world. Spectrum product lines presently consist of high quality educational computer lab furniture, video conferencing and presentation furniture, corporate training furniture, computer and office furniture, health care furniture, institutional wood furniture, custom O.E.M. components and custom display and store fixtures.

As of January 1, 2016, Spectrum products are distributed through our national network of dealers.

Innovation & Lasting Performance

Spectrum furniture is made to last and perform for years. Spectrum’s customers appreciate the innovation and quality that is built into each product. The company’s high quality products are surpassed only by its commitment to superior customer service. All products and services come with a very simple but strong guarantee from Spectrum’s CEO David Hancock: “We guarantee complete customer satisfaction.” With a guarantee like that it is easy to see why the furniture industry annually ranks Spectrum among the top 300 furniture manufacturers, Inc. magazine included Spectrum in its top 5000 growth companies, and in the past Wood & Wood Products has listed Spectrum as one of its top 100 companies.