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Mission & Vision

Over 45 years of innovative, quality products & services

Spectrum’s Mission

We provide innovative products that connect people with technology.

Spectrum’s Vision

  • Deliver high quality products and services when our customers need them
  • Empower and develop employees to meet new and existing challenges
  • Be an ethical and community minded employer and corporate citizen

Mission and Vision
Spectrum's Corporate Strategy

Over the past 45 years, Spectrum Industries Inc. has carefully positioned itself to be a high-quality, niche furnishings manufacturer. To preserve that position in the marketplace, Spectrum’s Executive Management Team annually engages in the planning process. Extracted from the regularly updated 5-year strategic plan, the annual business plan serves as Spectrum’s implementation phase of the planning process. Underpinning its annual business plans, Spectrum continually strives to excel at:

  • Providing our customers with a positive experience when interacting with Spectrum.
  • Continually improving in all that we do, especially as it affects quality and safety.
  • Utilizing new product development, especially as it relates to non-commodity, niche products, to drive new sales opportunities and growth.
  • Pursuing new markets.
  • Being the employer of choice within the company, the community, and the industry.
  • Being a good corporate citizen.

Spectrum’s Quality Policy

Spectrum Industries Inc. will provide products and services that meet all customer expectations. Our success is driven by a corporate-wide commitment to "continually improve" in all that we do.


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