Power Module for Collectiv8

Description: The Power Module for Collectiv8 is used for combining 2, 3 or 4 Collectiv8 Charging Pillars into one circuit and concealing excess cord.

  • 55397 - Power Module for Collectiv8 with Power Switch
  • 55398 - Power Module for Collectiv8 with eLogix™ Timer
  • 55399 - Power Module for Collectiv8 with PowerProdigy™ Timer

Which Model do you need? Click for more info. Item Numbers: 55397WG | 55398WG | 55399WG
  • Provides single-circuit charging to multiple Collectiv8 Charging Pillars
  • Installs between or below a stack of Collectiv8 Charging Pillars
  • Can be configured with (1) PowerProdigy Timer, eLogix Timer, or Power Switch
  • Grommets on both sides
  • Internal cord storage bin with cord management
  • Dimensions: 13.249”W x 12.378”D x 4“H
  • AC Power cord: 3' with 3-prong plug

Note: If wall mounting, (1) 55396 - Wall Hanging Kit is required for each Collectiv8 unit.

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