Single Circuit Power Kits

Description: Possibly the most versatile electrical system offered. The Single Circuit Power System is designed to be easy for the end user to build, with very little wiring experience. Available in a variety of lengths (see Options & Accessories section below) Item Numbers: 99063, 99064, 99065, 99066, 99067, 99068, 99069
  • Three receptacles per Power Module (all on same circuit)
  • Receptacle security (removal tool required)
  • Single Circuit Power System is designed to bring one circuit of 15-amp service to each workstation in a modular wiring system
  • Protection against EMI (elecro-magnetic interference)
  • Can be adapted to specific power needs

One Single Circuit Power Feed is required to connect kits to a wall outlet:

99070 - Single Circuit Power Feed (36")
99063 - Single Circuit Power Kit (72")
99064 - Single Circuit Power Kit (60")
99065 - Single Circuit Power Kit (48")
99066 - Single Circuit Power Kit (44")
99067 - Single Circuit Power Kit (36")
99068 - Single Circuit Power Kit (30")
99069 - Single Circuit Power Kit (24")

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