• Some Assembly Required

Security Door with Top Panel for Collectiv8

Description: Add security to your Collectiv8 Charging Pillar with a Security Door!  Use the 55416 Security Door/Top Plate for single units, or upper unit when stacked and the 55417 Security Door for lower unit when stacked.

For use on the Collectiv8 - 55394 Item Numbers: 55416BLWG
  • Open design protects your technology investements, but allows easy wiring while the doors are closed and locked
  • Single-point keyed lock and heavy steel construction for technology security
  • Easy add-on assembly to add security to your current Collectiv8 Charging Pillars

  • Use with the Collectiv8 Charging Pillar. 
  • Used for a single Collectiv8 Charging Pillar, or for the top unit of stacked units.

Note: you will need (1) 55416 Security Door / Top Plate for each single unit or stack. If you are stacking multiple Collectiv8 units, you will need (1) 55417 Security Door for each additional unit that is stacked.

  • 1 Collectiv8 requires (1) 55416 to secure all slots
  • 1 stack of 2 Collectiv8 requires (1) 55416 and (1) 55417 to secure all slots
  • 1 stack of 3 Collectiv8 requires (1) 55416 and (2) 55417 to secure all slots

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