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Immersion XR Cart™

Description: Store, charge, protect, and transport your valuable VR equipment with the Immersion XR Cart. Available with custom-fit foams for Quest 2 Elite or Soft Strap, Edupro or Pico Neo 3 goggles and optional universal foam options for USB-A or USB-C charging, it stores up to 30 goggles and controllers in one location. Item Numbers: 55564
  • Cart and goggle storage options:
    • 55564WGUWF1 - Immersion XR Cart for Quest 2 Elite goggles and controllers (holds up to 24 sets)
    • 55564WGUWF2 - Immersion XR Cart for Quest 2 Soft Strap goggles and controllers (holds up to 30 sets)
    • 55564WGUWF3 - Immersion XR Cart for Edupro goggles and controllers (holds up to 30 sets)
    • 55564WGUWF4 - Immersion XR Cart with universal (flat) foam and USB-A charging
    • 55564WGUWF5 - Immersion XR Cart for Pico Neo 3 goggles and controllers (holds up to 15 sets)
    • 55564WGUWF6 - Immersion XR Cart with universal (flat) foam and USB-C charging
  • External on/off switch provides easy charging
  • Internal and external auxillary outlets on Power Switch can be used to power other equipment/devices
  • Heavy gauge dual front doors with a dual-bolt keyed lock provides security for devices
  • Pull-out drawer includes easy wire management
  • Anti-tip safety feature for drawers (only one drawer can be pulled out at a time to help prevent tipping)
  • Individual 10-port USB charging station located on each drawer
  • Integrated handles in top panel help provide control and maneuverability
  • Rear panel is removable by internal access only, for added security
  • Superior chimney-effect ventilation
  • Deluxe balloon wheels (2 locking, 2 non-locking) provide best in class mobility
  • Powder-coated, heavy-gauge steel construction for vault-like security
  • Comes in Warm Grey and White
  • Stores, charges, and transports up to 30 VR goggles with controllers
  • Drawer capacity (nominal): 25"W [63.5 cm] x 22"D [55.9 cm] x 10"H [25.4 cm]
  • Max weight per drawer: 25 lb [11.35 kg]
  • Overall dimensions: 29”W [73.66 cm] x 25”D [63.5 cm] x 44.173"H [112.2 cm]
  • Cart ships fully-assembled for quick, simple integration and deployment
  • For detailed information, see specifications

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