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Spectrum Secures Mobile Devices With New Security Door


Spectrum Secures Mobile Devices with New Security Door

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI, May 22, 2018- Spectrum Industries Inc. is introducing a new locking feature on one of its storage solutions, the Collectiv8 Charging Pillar.

In stock, ready to ship, the Collectiv8 is built fully assembled for easy, simple integration. The Collective8’s new optional feature is a security door that was created to help protect tablets, notebooks, laptops, Chromebooks and more. The small, compact design of the Collectiv8 allows it to fit under standard-height cabinets and be hung, stacked, or mounted to a worksurface. A metal wall shroud, another optional piece for the Collectiv8, is ADA compliant.           

“The Collectiv8 has the ability to work perfectly in any environment due to its small structure and ability for multiple units to charge at once,” said Ben Jones, Spectrum’s Vice President of Sales. “The new locking security door allows for devices to be safely stored and charged.”      

In addition to the many features this small charging solution has, it offers a superior cable management system. Along the side of the Collective8, next to each storage bay, is where the management system is located. An 8’ power cord and rotated outlets are also part this product’s features. With all of these features and a heavy-duty, scratch resistant coat, the Collectiv8 is safe, durable, and tough.           

 New Security Door for Spectrum mobile device storage

About Spectrum Industries Inc.

Spectrum Industries Inc. was founded in 1968 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and is the leading manufacturer of educational furniture. Over the past 40 years, Spectrum has gained experience identifying customer needs and new trends. Spectrum’s diverse product line has contributed to over 4,300 of their products to be manufactured and shipped throughout the world.       

Committed to helping the environment, Spectrum values and implements environmental sustainability when making its products. Spectrum has received the GSA Evergreen Award recognizing its environmental friendly efforts. Quality and environmental sustainability are features Spectrum values, implements and lives by.   


Carla Leuck, Marketing Manager

Spectrum Industries, Inc.