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Web Security Upgrade Is Coming. Is Your Browser Ready?

For Spectrum to remain PCI compliant, we will be upgrading our security protocol to TLS 1.2. This upgrade will ensure any transaction that occurs on the Spectrum website is more secure from hacker attacks.

What does the upgrade mean to me?
If your browser currently does not support the new protocol, you may not be able to access pages on our website, and many other popular websites. Instead, you will receive an error message such as; “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.”

What you need to do:
For uninterrupted access to the Spectrum website, you will need to ensure that your browser is updated to a compliant version. You can do this by checking what version your browser is, comparing it to the supported browsers, and updating if needed.

How To Check Your Browser’s Ability To View PCI Compliant Websites:

  • - Visit and check out the version number of your web browser. This site lists the information in an easy to read format for you to check and see what version your browser is currently running on. You only need to pay attention to the numbers before the first period.

  • - Visit for a color-coded list and check to make sure the web browser version listed from the previous link is in green.
    a. Green = TLS 1.2 Compliant Browser - you’re all set! Don’t worry about this update and just save this email in case of the miniscule chance one of your customers has an issue so you can troubleshoot with them.
    b. Red = TLS 1.2 PCI Compliant Violation - don’t panic, all you need to do is install an updated browser.

More information about the upgrade:
Common Questions About Upgrading to TLS 1.2

PCI Security Council website and information