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Coming Soon...An Esports Desk Designed To Win.

Play to Win.

Play to Win. Esports Desk from Spectrum.


CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI. July 22, 2019  - When you play, you play to win. The best way to play is now on its way from Spectrum Industries. Take your school's Gaming Team to the winners circle again and again with an Esports Desk engineered to enhance your game play!

You've got the best chair in the industry, but like driving in the 24 hours of Lemans, if the rest of the car does not perform, you might as well be sitting on a bucket. A master of ergonomics and workspace functionality, Spectrum Industries has taken its years of computer desk development and combined it with insight into Gamer usage, fatigue, and comfort to build the ultimate, team-play gaming station.

The NEW Esports Desk (Coming Soon) from Spectrum addresses key features to enhance a Gamers stamina, comfort, and focus in the hopes of leading to consistent wins.

The Field of Play.

Proximity to other players, equipment, and surroundings is a significant factor when winning is the desired outcome. Spectrum's attention to individual and team field of play is paramount to gamer tournament success. Carefully crafted desk dimensions looked at tournament standards as well as desk in use at individual schools. Spectrum is curious about tower placement, monitor support adjustability, and distance to teammates and competitors that are in play at the winningest schools; and how those parameters correlated to the tournament environment in which they won. This idea was then incorporated into every aspect of the NEW Esports Desk. Spectrum theorizes that minimal distraction and optimum equipment placement, conditions gamers to fully focus and win.

It's all On the Table.

Numbness in hands, painful shoulders, sore necks and strained eyes are all still "on the table" when it comes to gaming. Your lower back and buttocks may be sufficiently supported, but upper extremity usage may be key to winning tournament play. The NEW Esports Desk from Spectrum addresses arm placement, worksurface height, and monitor position creating infinite adjustments to accommodate any player and relieve the physical hindrances that are first on gamers list of aliments. Gamers who played on the Spectrum desk claimed increased performance when playing on other desk as well, sighting better play position in their over-all posture.

So if you are looking to take your team to the next level in Esports get started with Spectrum's New Esports Desk Coming Soon!

Need a Desk Today? Spectrum already offers a full line of desk and tables that work that flawlessly for Esports. Check them out here.

About Spectrum Industries Inc.

Founded in 1968, Spectrum Industries is located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and is a premier niche furniture manufacturer. The high quality manufacturer has produced over 4,300 different products and can be found in any education, government, healthcare, or corporate setting. 

Spectrum innovates lecterns, mobile carts, desks, collaboration tables, and makerspace furniture that connects the end-user with technology. All Spectrum products have been designed and manufactured with durability and quality for over 50 years. 


Sean Kitchell, Marketing
Spectrum Industries Inc.