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Spectrum Expands Audio-Visual Furniture Line With Release Of Slim-Footprint, Adjustable Lectern

New Adjustable Height SLIM Lectern

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin – Spectrum Industries, a leading audio-visual furniture manufacturer, announces the release of their newest AV-ready lectern, the new Adjustable Height, Slim Lectern.

“We’ve seen a reduction in the amount of space that professors, teachers, and guest lecturers have to function within many environments. Yet there is an increased expectation for use of technology and expanded mobility within that same classroom. Factor in a wide variance in physical traits and you have a challenge accommodating instructors. We set out to address those core issues, while minimizing the impact on an institutions budget,” said Ben Jones, Spectrum’s Vice President of Sales.

The Adjustable Height Slim Lectern builds off Spectrum’s thinnest, sleekest lectern and provides an upgrade for ergonomics and comfort. The Adjustable Height Slim Lectern features an amazing 10” of electrical height adjustment to the top surface. “An overlooked benefit for instructors is that height-adjustable lecterns can help to relieve or prevent such common ailments as back pain and carpel tunnel syndrome,” Jones added. 

The lectern can be specified with an optional 6RU, removable rack, to fully-support AV environments. The removable rack, along with a removable audience panel, help simplify initial integration and in-classroom support  On the instructor side of the lectern an “underbridge” can be mounted to accommodate power modules or surface-mount, room control devices. Available with glides for stationary use, or four locking casters for maximum flexibility, the lectern can be configured to your specific environment. 

Spectrum’s newest lectern is available in a variety colors from Spectrum’s Expressions line of designer finishes and can be personalized with an organization’s logo to maximize visibility for a brand.

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