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Spectrum Adapts Freedom One Workstation For Sprout Pro By HP

Freedom One Workstation for Sprout Pro by HP

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI – Spectrum Industries, Inc., Chippewa Falls, WI based manufacturer, is excited to announce that the Freedom One Workstation has been adapted to fit the Sprout Pro by HP.

“The Sprout Pro is an amazing computer that truly brings learning to life for so many students,” states Robert Kensinger, Spectrum Industries Vice President of Sales. “We knew the Freedom One Workstation was the perfect surface for the Sprout Pro, and by just adding a few security brackets, teachers can very easily bring this type of education directly into the classroom.”

Bringing Immersive Learning Within Reach

The Freedom One Workstation is ideal for instructors to be able to sit, stand, or adjust the height anywhere between seating height to 42 inches. This table is available in both the eLift and Sit-to-Stand versions. The eLift has a powerful and quiet electric motor that lifts up to 500 pounds on the worksurface. The Sit-to-Stand option has a smooth, easy lift mechanism with a pneumatic spring that lifts the worksurface.

Bringing the Sprout Pro to Students

We understand that not every classroom can have their own Sprout Pro, so that is why we made the Freedom One Workstation mobile. Heavy-duty, lockable twin wheels allow the Sprout Pro to move around the school and classroom.

Security Needed

The Freedom One Workstation Table has been fit with security brackets where the computer and the touch mat are secured directly to the table to prevent tipping or theft. A key-lock drawer for the keyboard, mouse and other accessories is also included.

Spectrum Industries is proud that the Freedom One Workstation is designed, assembled, and shipped from our factory in Chippewa Falls, WI. It is warranted to be free of all defects in materials and workmanship for 10 years.