Standard Cutouts for OCC

Overbridge Control Console Panel Cutouts

for popular technology

Spectrum Industries offers standard cutouts on select lectern's worksurfaces and on the Overbridge Control Console (OCC) Panels. These cutouts support the most popular technology.

Small Panel Medium Panel
Small Panel  Medium Panel
55411 - Inspiration Lectern 55418 - Freedom XRS Elite Lectern
55115 - Link Lectern - MMS
55212 - Compact Lectern - MMS
Large Panel XL Panel
Large Panel XL Panel
55542 - Freedom One eLift Lectern
55178 - Honors Lectern
55153 - Elite Lectern - MMS
55213 - Director Lectern - MMS

NOTE: All Standard Cutouts are per Spectrum’s interpretation of vendor recommended cutout templates. Please confirm cutout sizes are correct for your specific application.

Specific electronics are not supplied and should be purchased separately with the exception of Spectrum’s Power Modules And EM Wireless Charging Pad

Standard Cutouts:

The standard cutouts are for the following popular products. For more information on the cutouts and panels, click on the link below;

  • Power Module


  • FT2-202
  • FT2-500
  • FT2-700
  • TSW-760
  • TSW-1060


  • Cable Cubby 202
  • Cable Cubby 500
  • Cable Cubby 700
  • TLP 350MV
  • TLP Pro 320M
  • TLP Pro 520M
  • TLP Pro 720M
  • MLC226 IP
  • MLC226 IP DV+
  • MLC226 IP AAP
  • AAP 104