• Some Assembly Required
  • Assembly Required

Undermount AV Channel

Description: Concealed behind the modesty panel, the Undermount AV Channel is designed for AV over IP and light AV equipment. It comes in three sizes to work perfectly with any size Pivot Premier worksurface. Item Numbers: 95037, 95038, 95039
  • Installs behind modesty panel (concealed)
  • Slots provide multiple mounting options for AV over IP or other light AV electronics
  • 2” side grommets simplify cable routing
  • 20 ga steel
  • Black powdercoat
  • Customer assembled

Dimensions, Unit Weight and Shipping Weight: 
  95039 - for 36" Pivot Premier:
    4”D x 16”H x 11”W
    Unit Weight - 4.1 lb
    Shipping Weight - 7.1 lb
  95038 - for 48" Pivot Premier:
    4”x 16”H x 23”W
    Unit Weight - 6.2 lb
    Shipping Weight - 9.2 lb
  95037 - for 60" Pivot Premier:
    4”x 16”H x 35”W
    Unit Weight - 8.4 lb
    Shipping Weight - 11.4 lb

Note: Undermount AV Channel is not compatible with an installed 95036 Undermount Rack Cabinet.

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