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InVision Active Learning Pod System™ADA Compliant Badge


Spectrum's InVision Active Learning Pod System™ connects collaborative teams with the latest technologies to provide extremely effective collaborative learning furniture. The round table design encourages interactive communication while the central pedestal delivers the technology that helps turn individual ideas into team-based solutions.

Item Numbers: 37109, 37110, 37111, 37112
  • Complete Pod System requires three tables (37109) and one center pedestal (37110). Optional Pedestal Riser (37111) and Modesty Panels (37112) may be added to complement this system.
  • Table moves easily with your choice of casters or glides
    • Easily configurable to meet active learning requirements
    • The technology hub holds most equipment necessary for collaboration environments
    • Generous knee space, meets criteria for ADA Compliance
    • Casters allow any active learning environment to quickly and easily separate into small group settings
    • When combined with the stationary pedestal, the tables form a round table for group interaction of up to nine students
    • The pedestal worksurface can be flush with the tables or elevated with a 9” riser
    Complete Pod:
    • Requires (3) 37109 - Pod Tables, and (1) 37110 - Center Pedestal
    • Dimensions (fully assembled): 84” dia x 38“H (with optional pedestal riser), 29”H (without optional pedestal riser)

    37109 - Pod Table:
    • 72”W x 30”D x 29”H
    • Seats 3 or 1 ADA-compliant per table
    • 76 lb

    37110 - Center Pedestal:
    • 36.67”W x 29”H
    • 60 lb

    37111 - Pedestal Riser:
    • 36.67”W x 36.67”H x 9"H
    • Center pedestal required-sold separately
    • 89 lb

    37112 - Modesty Panel:
    • 36”W x 9”H
    • One per pod table
    • 5.2 lb

    See Product Spec Document For More Detailed Information.

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