Exploring Career Opportunities in Esports

Posted: April 9, 2024

by Mykiah Bonhom, Spectrum Industries, Inc.

Pursuing a career in gaming/esports is starting to become a true reality. Gone are the days when pursuing a career in gaming was considered unconventional besides becoming a game developer. Today, the world of esports offers a diverse range of paths for passionate individuals looking to turn their love for gaming into a profession. From education, all the way up to the professional level, there are so many careers being born, and ones that have yet to be.


Esports in education is rapidly expanding, with many school districts across the country integrating esports into their curriculum. This trend necessitates effective leadership within these programs to ensure students have access to the best resources possible. Whether through dedicated coaching roles or enthusiastic teachers who excel at mentoring, strong leadership is essential for the success of esports initiatives in schools.

One key position emerging in this landscape is the esports program director. The director oversees the entire esports program within an educational institution. Responsibilities typically include budget management, facility maintenance, and coordination with other departments to ensure a smooth operation. It can also expand to building a curriculum for the program, finding outside means of funding, or even being the sole advocate for esports to a Board of Educators. This role is pivotal in growing and maintaining the health of any esports program.

Additionally, there's a rising demand for esports educators or teachers. These professionals specialize in teaching courses related to gaming, game design, and even the business side of esports. It’s possible to integrate esports concepts into existing subjects such as math, science, technology, or history. Combining esports and education encourages students to be more passionate about learning, while educators effectively reach students who are typically less engaged.

Another pivotal role is coaches. It is crucial to have a responsible adult present to oversee the gaming sessions, as they can help students develop essential emotional management skills. Coaches facilitate better communication within gaming teams and serve as mentors, creating a nurturing environment that fosters safety and trust for students. A coach provides a place where gamer students feel welcome.

As the integration of esports into education continues to evolve, these roles and responsibilities will likely expand, creating a range of career opportunities for individuals passionate about both esports and education. Having passionate leaders is essential to synergize esports and education positively.

Influencer/Professional Players

The most popular gaming and esports career is becoming an influencer/professional gamer. Before Gen Z, kids would grow up wanting to be an NFL player, astronaut, or actor. Now kids are saying they want to be a Twitch streamer or a YouTuber, aiming to be the best player in the world at their favorite gaming title. This phenomenon has prospered in recent years, with influencers monetizing their audience on platforms like TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, or Instagram. Whether it’s MrBeast attempting to create the biggest gameshow on the planet or Ninja playing Fortnite, influencers have become dream careers for many.

Content Creation

Influencers need a team to create engaging content. Video editors, thumbnail artists, channel managers, and VOD creators ensure the content remains visually appealing, cohesive, and accessible across platforms. Roles like Discord server moderators or Reddit community administrators help maintain a positive environment for fans. As the digital landscape evolves, the demand for skilled professionals in content creation and management grows, creating new opportunities in the influencers-led business era.

Coaching and Team Management

Professional teams rely on team managers/coaches for logistical tasks, scheduling, arranging accommodations, and organizing scrimmages. Coaches provide strategies in-game and in real life to increase team synergy for matches. They continue to be necessities for any team/program aiming for top-level performance.

Broadcast Production

As Danielle Rourke, National Esports Manager at CDW, emphasizes, "We have seen a massive spike in interest around broadcasting and shoutcasting for esports in the educational space over the past couple of years. Educators are realizing that when students are a part of the broadcast process for esports events, they are learning incredibly valuable professional competencies that can be utilized in a number of future career opportunities." Broadcast production offers diverse job opportunities catering to various skill sets and interests. Broadcast producers coordinate and manage production processes. Graphic designers create visually appealing elements like overlays, animations, and logos for esports broadcasts. Camera operators ensure compelling visuals through framing and composition. Sound engineers focus on delivering top-notch audio quality. In front of the camera, roles expand to include shoutcasters, desk analysts, hosts, and reporters. The industry's growth drives demand for skilled professionals passionate about esports entertainment.

Event Management/Tournament Organizers

In-person events require experienced professionals for smooth experiences. Tournament organizers design formats, establish rules, handle registrations, create schedules, and manage brackets, ensuring fairness and competitiveness. Community managers engage fans, gather feedback, and enhance fan experiences, fostering connections and excitement. Event Directors/Managers collaborate with stakeholders, manage budgets, and ensure strategic direction, handling challenges for successful events.


Esports offers diverse career opportunities across disciplines. Whether in competition, content creation, or team management, the industry welcomes passionate individuals. Hone skills, stay updated on trends, and network to turn gaming passion into a successful career.

Mykiah Bonhom is an Esports Specialist with Spectrum Industries. Mykiah graduated from Shenandoah University, as a Presidential Scholar, with a degree in Esports Management. 

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