The Love Of Horses, A Spectrum Employee's Passion

Posted: April 3, 2018

Spectrum Industries' employee, Megan Weaver, works first shift in the Shipping Department and has worked at the premier furniture manufacturing company for almost two years.
The 24-year-old is originally from Illinois and resides in New Auburn. Weaver likes her job due to its versatility and the people she works with.   

“We all have a rotating job set for every day,” Weaver said. “This week I’m in the office picking carriers, taking care of phone calls and making sure everything is set for the next day. Otherwise, it’s out on the docks and you are setting up orders, doing receiving and pretty much getting everything in and out the door when it’s supposed to be.”   

When Weaver isn’t working, her weekends are spent with the one animal she loves the most, horses. She has had a passion for horses ever since she was little. Weaver’s parents have pictures of her riding horses from as young as two years old.       

“Ever since I was kid, I’ve always loved horses,” stated Weaver. “I’ve never had any of own, but I’ve always been around them,” Weaver said. “Actually, my best friend from home, her family had horses, so I got into it that way. She taught me everything I learned.”         

For horse training and cow breeding, Weaver spent a period of time at Colby Community College in Colby, Kansas. Weaver rode horses and eventually began to train them.

“When I started riding I was just riding for fun,” Weaver said. “I didn’t actually start training until I went to college and after I had graduated from high-school when I got my second farm job,” Weaver said.

Weaver used to compete in high school rodeo and is in the process of training two horses for barrel racing in speed events.   

“The horses I’m working with right now are Yearlings,” Weaver said. “They were born last summer. Right now I’m starting ground work with them, which is haltered lead rope stuff so they know their basics. This has to happen before I can ride them, which isn’t until they are two years old.” 

Although Weaver has been thrown, kicked, and suffered serious injuries from riding horses, that doesn’t stop her. Her passion for horses continues to grow.   

“I was out there visiting them the other day and they all ran out to me,” Weaver said. “I was completely happy. All the babies were running up to me and all wanting attention. It’s just something I really enjoy. It’s being able to be outside and be around these animals, it’s so much fun riding. I go on trail rides and I can be completely happy going off by myself and riding around.”     
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