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Posted: January 16, 2019

Installing technology and understanding what AV equipment is needed for lecterns in higher education classrooms is a key function for IT/AV Specialists.
Alan Harper, Executive Account Manager at AVI Systems, a Communications Technology provider, is an expert at integrating AV technology in higher education lecterns and podiums and knows exactly what to look for in an AV ready lectern.        

“Usually the selection of a lectern comes after the AV system is designed,” Harper commented. “Afterwards, a fair amount of research must be done to find a lectern that will house the necessary AV equipment and provide the accessibility required. Spectrum provides me with all of the information I need to select components and accessories required for projects.”

Spectrum Industries, Inc. is a premier manufacturer that innovates desks, tables, mobile computing carts and AV ready lecterns that Harper is very familiar with.

Spectrum offers a diverse line of media-intensive AV ready lecterns that have been designed to be compact, easy to integrate, yet functional and stylish. In addition, all lecterns are innovated with superior cord management systems and most of its lecterns feature removable access panels.

With removable access panels, AV/IT Specialists have the ability to quickly access and install AV equipment.

“Cable management and accessibility to equipment and wiring is critical in a lectern of an installed system,” Harper said.    

Spectrum’s Media Manager Series which is compiled of the Director Lectern, Elite Lectern, Link Lectern, and Compact Lectern, feature various sized rack cubes that can accommodate all AV equipment. Rack cubes can be delivered prior the delivery of a lectern allowing IT/AV Specialists to install equipment into the rack cube in advance so it is ready to be installed into your Spectrum lectern as soon as it arrives.

“We build up all of our AV racks in-house before our installations,” Harper stated. “Having the equipment rack shipped ahead of times helps us save time on projects…which means we can turn around our projects quicker for our customers.”

Making sure the end-user and customer is completely satisfied is what drives Spectrum to continually improve all of its products and to continue to make media-intensive lecterns.

Spectrum’s Media Manager Series Lecterns are instructor preferred, integrator inspired, and designer approved.
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