Charging Lockers for Mobile Devices

Posted: November 8, 2018

Integrating technology into today’s classrooms continues to be in demand. Today’s students have grown up with technology in their hands and will continue to demand that the newest technology is used to enhance classroom engagement and student participation. Instructors and students can work together to optimize learning in both libraries and small classrooms through careful integration of necessary technology. Implementation requires careful consideration to make sure current technologies are being used efficiently.       

Tablets, iPad’s, Chromebooks, and robotics like littleBits™ and Sphero® are technology educational tools that are being widely used among classrooms and libraries. Often, these devices are required to stay at the school overnight often for security reasons and to charge, but what if there was a solution that could charge multiple devices at once while students were in class?       

Spectrum Industries has taken on their own initiative to make sure that the furniture you are using is helping you connect with that necessary technology. Spectrum Industries is a premier niche furniture manufacturer that has innovated thousands of products that connect you with technology. Its storage and charging solutions like its lockers can charge multiple devices at once in one location so you never have to worry about searching for an outlet or having uncharged devices.       

Just like many other products by Spectrum, the Connect10 Locker is built with heavy-gauge steel and has been built to stand the test of time. The Connect10 has the ability to store and charge up to ten 14-inch mobile devices and its overhead wire management system allows charging plugs to hang directly in front of each device for quick connections. This locker ships fully assembled for quick, simple integration and deployment.

In addition to the Connect10 Locker, Spectrum has a family of Lockers that are all the same, but just differ in size. Spectrum’s InTouch16, InTouch20, and InTouch32 were all designed to keep laptops charged and secure in one location.

The InTouch16 can charge 16 iPads, tablets, or Chromebooks, the InTouch20 can charge 20 tablets, and the InTouch32 can store 32 tablets, perfect for 1:1 programs.

Spectrum’s other charging solutions like its Chromebook and Notebook Carts, Laptop Carts and Cabinets, iPad Tablets Carts and Cabinets, and Virtual Reality Cart are all storage and charging solutions Spectrum has innovated besides its lockers.

For over 50 years, Spectrum has been developing flexible products and solutions for the educational market, including the higher education environment. Spectrum’s quality and technology ready furniture can also fit any collaboration space such as makerspaces and STEM labs, helping students and faculty connect to technology.
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