Randy Greene Celebrates 40 Years at Spectrum Industries Inc.

Posted: June 12, 2018

March 29, 2018, was the 50th Anniversary of Spectrum Industries Inc. While Spectrum reflected on its history and innovations throughout the years, its employees were celebrating anniversaries as well.

Randal Greene, a Buyer for the Purchasing Department, celebrated his 40
th work anniversary in February. Greene worked at Hubbard Scientific, a division of Spectrum, for 10 years until it was sold in 1991. Greene stayed on working for Spectrum and has and been with the furniture company for 30 years.

“At Hubbard Scientific, I worked in many different areas,” Greene said. “I worked in the raw materials warehouse department, the plastic fabricating department, shipping department, and eventually became the traffic coordinator manager for domestic and exporting of shipments.”            
Greene started working at Hubbard Scientific when he was just 19 years old and has stayed working for Spectrum ever since. With 40 years of experience, Greene has worked just about every job within the company.
“The first job I took on at Spectrum was working in transportation and I also worked with custom outside accounts as an inside sales person,” Greene said. “We only had one person working those accounts when Spectrum first started. I also worked with the transportation of our products to our customers. I did those two jobs for a number of years and then I ended up going into production scheduling. After that, I went into purchasing and spent about 10 years in each of those areas.”      
With Green’s longevity, he has witnessed Spectrum flourish, develop, and create new products over the years.     
“It’s been a very exciting time,” Greene said. “I have seen Spectrum grow from a handful of employees to 200-250 employees. It’s been a blast watching the company grow. The best thing about my job working for Spectrum all these years is that I got to work with so many nice people. Spectrum has been more of a family type of environment.”         
As one of many employees who have been working at Spectrum for a countless number of years, Spectrum Industries appreciates and thanks Greene for all of his hard work and dedication.
“If I had to pick one entity of my career that I enjoy the most it has been working with my fellow employees,” Greene said.

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