Charging Solutions for the Active Learning Classroom

Posted: October 4, 2018

Charging Solutions for the Active Learning Classroom         

“In an active-learning classroom, or ALC, students engage in collaborative reflection, problem-solving, listening and discussion,” stated EdTech’s article, “Active Learning Classrooms Put Students Front and Center.” “Unlike traditional lecture halls, these rooms put students at the center, often seated together around tables featuring laptops, document cameras and connections to shared displays.”           

Active learning in classrooms is used to engage students in the learning process by creating opportunities in which students can participate in class discussions, collaboration opportunities, and apply problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  

Active learning classrooms are sweeping their way across the education system and it is not unusual to find mobile devices like iPad’s, Chromebooks, or virtual reality headsets. These types of tools are allowing students to learn, apply, and build like never before, but many times in elementary and middle schools, devices are required to stay at school, and only go home when necessary. For that reason, having a central location to charge devices overnight is essential.    

Spectrum Industries Inc., headquartered in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, innovates products that are AV ready and tech savvy for today’s active learning classrooms.

Spectrum’s laptop carts, like the Cloud32 Chromebook Cart can store, transport, and charge up to 32 Chromebooks. Just like the Cloud32, Spectrum’s SIM32 Cart can hold up to 32 mobile devices including iPads, tablets, Chromebooks, notebooks, and laptops. These two carts are made with heavy-gauge steel for vault-like security, and have the smallest footprints of Spectrum carts.          

In addition to carts, Spectrum offers the Connect10 Locker which has the capacity to hold up to ten 14-inch mobile devices. The Locker features plastic dividers that protect laptops and Chromebooks, a heavy-gauge steel door and integrated padlock hasp on the locker’s door for multiple layers of security. This charging locker is a simple solution for storage and charging needs.

Another product by Spectrum that teachers want to integrate into their classroom, is the InTouch16 iPad/Chromebook/Laptop Cabinet. This small storage and charging solution can hold 16 devices and includes durable plastic dividers to protect all devices. The best part is, this product can be stacked to double or triple storage without increasing the footprint.              

Spectrum offers many other storage and charging solutions that provide storage, charging, security, and mobility for Chromebooks, Notebooks, iPads, and Tablets in active learning.

Spectrum is a company that sets the standards for quality, ergonomics, and reliability, and then exceeds them. For over 50 years, Spectrum has been innovating products that stand the test of time.

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