Head Start For All: Educational Emphasis In Earlier Stages

Posted: March 30, 2010

An interesting report was officially unveiled today by the New America Foundation entitled “A Next Social Contract for the Primary Years of Education.” It states that too much energy and focus is given to children too late. Blog Post ImageThat is, once they have tuned out and become disinterested in learning, it is difficult to get the children back up to par. By 4th grade, when children begin to read to learn, progress is difficult if they haven’t properly learned to read. By setting high-quality standards in educating from age 3 through 3rd grade, the report states, students are better prepared to learn. That’s right – the educational system they envision starts at age 3! Head Start, meanwhile, is widely recognized as a pre-school program, but it is generally available to those below the federal poverty level. “Social Contract” may be onto something in building a better foundation in children’s’ education, but it will take a lot to change what we know as K-12. Blog Post Image 2
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