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Posted: May 11, 2016

This past Monday, Spectrum hosted its second to last Chippewa County Explorer Program (CCEP) event for the year. The training this week was at the Johnson Street building and was lead by Laurie Reardon, Aimee Sullivan, and Denise Parkhurst.

Laurie Reardon, a Human Resource Specialist at Spectrum, spoke about how to apply for a job and how to present yourself during the interview. The group played Employ-ability Skills Bingo, where they had to see what characteristics they had, such good manners, good work ethic, eye contact, good writing skills, having a solid hand shake, etc. They also had to see what areas they needed to work on. The group also completed an Employee Misconduct Bingo, where they hopefully didn’t have any characteristics, like missing work without calling in, having inappropriate social media posts, rudeness, laziness, internet browsing or texting during work, etc.

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Next Aimee Sullivan, Logistics Manager, and Denise Parkhurst, Inside Sales Manager, talked to the students about what happens when an order is placed and how it gets into the computer system and how product is then scheduled to be made or pulled from inventory. 

Blog Post Image 2The students were able to talk with Scott Jones, Assemble To Order (ATO) Line Manager, on what an order looks like when it gets to his hands and how his staff pulls the parts and pieces from inventory to make the product. All of his staff have to be able to read the product plans and figure out how to put that product together. Many times, the ATO line will put a number of the same products together for a quicker turnaround, but there are times when a custom piece comes through and they have to make sure that is done with 100% accuracy as well.

Blog Post Image 3From there, the students followed the process to the packaging area. Melissa LaBreck showed the group how she scans the product, which then gets programmed into the machine that will give her the correct dimensions for the packaging. 

Blog Post Image 4Finally, the students were able to assemble and package their personal charging station project. Lastly, Aimee showed them how shipping works with all the variety of carriers that we use and the cost to ship a variety of items.

May 23 will be the final session and it will be an overview of what they learned, along with some mock interviews so they can practice their interviewing skills.

For more information on the Spectrum Explorers events please contact Jennifer Lindstrom: 715-738-2169 or jlindstrom@spectrumfurniture.com

About the CCEP

Chippewa County businesses are opening their doors to youth and adults to share potential career opportunities in Chippewa County via the CCEP! The CCEP is a new program designed to assist Chippewa County young adults (ages 12-20) make a more informed decision about future careers and determine if a particular career is the right one for them. This program is a work-site based program that gives Chippewa County youths an opportunity to visit local businesses and explore the dynamics of various local careers. Career Exploring is new to Chippewa County and aims to help participants learn more about careers that can be pursued locally.

These Chippewa County businesses have made a commitment to Chippewa County’s youth and career development by hosting a Career Explorer Post at their business. Youth may choose which Explore Post they want to participate at- each post will provide insight into educational requirements, job outlook, and vocational skills necessary to pursue careers in that particular field.

CCEDC encourages all Chippewa County young adults ages 12-20 to participate in an open house opportunity and ultimately choose an Explorer Post in Chippewa County to participate in. For more information about the CCEP contact Alyssa Kellagher, Exploring Executive at alyssa.kellagher@lflmail.org or (715) 514-8418.
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