As Fast As Technology Changes, Spectrum’s Harbor Cart Withstands The Test Of Time!

Posted: March 2, 2010

Blog Post Image Spectrum Industries has been designing laptop carts for 15 years now. In that period of time, we have modeled ourselves as champions of continuous improvement. Our laptop carts are certainly no exception – each model we release reflects the most recent customer input combined with diligent and conscientious product design. Laptop requirements have changed greatly in those 15 years. Some customers want larger screens. Others want smaller, more portable laptops. Most everyone wants laptops that charge quickly and last longer. As needs change and technologies advance, the Harbor Cart has consistently kept our customers satisfied for nearly a decade.Blog Post Image 2 How has the Harbor Cart done this? The Harbor Cart remains the only modular laptop cart on the market and is an extremely mobile laptop cart. Each module charges 8 laptops and smoothly slides beyond the cart for ease of use. Up to 4 modules can be stored for a capacity of 32 laptops. The Harbor Cart has a footprint of only 37 ½” by 30”, so storing and recharging those 32 laptops takes up very little space. And if the same laptops are needed in another classroom? With 5” easy-riding balloon casters – which only Spectrum offers – the Harbor Cart provides exceptionally portable laptop storage. And if you don’t quite need 32 laptops, any of the laptop modules can be replaced with a convenient pull-out shelf so that printers and other accessories can be securely stored. The option is up to you!Blog Post Image 3Whatever combination of laptops and accessories Spectrum customers use, the Harbor Cart offers vault-like protection. As is common in Spectrum products, ventilated 16-gauge panels and doors are secured by a custom double-bolt lock. Further protection is provided by an exclusive timer that prevents excessive amperage draw. The Harbor Cart provides secure laptop storage and is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of virtually any classroom. Come visit Spectrum’s website and take a closer look at the Harbor Cart!
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