A Salute To Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Posted: January 17, 2011

Blog Post ImageSpectrum Industries, Inc. is extremely grateful for the lifetime efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr. If there is one thing that has been passed down through history, demanding change through violence just doesn’t end in a win-win situation. Tolerance and respect for others was more along the lines of what King stood for. Blog Post Image 3The “civil” part of civil rights is not always the easiest of paths to take, as changes aren’t brought about easily or immediately, but it was the path that MLK chose - and ultimately laid down his life for. In remembrance of what Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for, we urge everyone to be civil, to do things the right way, and to turn from hatred. Here are some local events being held to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Take some time to see what events may be happening in your area! http://www.uwec.edu/newsreleases/11/jan/0111MLKServiceEvents.htm https://www2.uwstout.edu/news/index.asp?event=news.get&ID=2230 http://edtech.uwlax.edu/blogs/spotlight/2011/01/07/hansen-to-receive-mlk-leadership-award-at-martin-luther-king-jr-holiday-celebration/ Blog Post Image 2
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