Posted: March 3, 2010

Point-of-Purchase Trends: Converting Shoppers Into Buyers
Ads can get consumers into stores, but it usually takes some point of purchase strategies to get them to buy a product. With the growth of online shopping retailers must now compete with the Internet for impulse purchases, putting more pressure on the sales environment in their stores and increasing the need for innovative point-of-purchase (POP) media, materials and techniques. A research and design firm, Miller Zell (MZ), reported in a recent study that: • Two-thirds of retail shoppers take a list with them, but six out of ten make brand purchasing decisions after they enter the store. • Shoppers can identify a brand from five feet in less than five seconds. As a result, POP is becoming an even more important part of the marketing mix. More specifically end-of-aisle displays can really catch the eyes of consumers. A separate MZ survey indicated that end-of-aisle displays “engaged” more shoppers than other in-store media. The percentages: 1. End-of-aisle displays – 70% 2. Merchandising displays – 62% 3. Department signage - 58 % 4. Shelf strips - 55 percent 5. Shelf blades – 50 %
Want to get in on engaging 70% of shopper via end-or-aisle displays? Spectrum Industries would like to help; for over 35 years Spectrum P.O.P. Displays, a subsidiary of Spectrum Industries, Inc., has designed and manufactured thousands of different custom POP displays and store fixtures. Spectrum provides a comprehensive list of in-house services from complete design development and engineering to prototyping and manufacturing. Our experienced product designers are able to take conceptual discussions from our customers and turn them into creative, effective displays that make your products stand out at retail, attract buyers and sell more products. Our goal is to provide the best design, structurally and aesthetically combined with high quality graphics that meet all your expectations at very competitive prices. Spectrum P.O.P. Displays Effective Design Solutions, helping you sell more product! View Spectrum P.O.P Displays Portfolio at
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