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Posted: May 22, 2014

Spectrum Industries Cloud 32 Chromebook Cart
What if you could improve learning outcomes simply by improving learning spaces? With Spectrum you can.
Spectrum Industries lets you optimize student and faculty success with innovative, tech-ready tables that drive active, collaborative learning. The InVision Access Table by Spectrum Industries is the next generation of active learning tables. The Access gives you the ability to design the collaborative environment that is right for you.
Spectrum Industries InVision Access Table
  • Ready for your technology. The Access will accept many of the leading brands of AV technology: Compatible with AMX®, Extron™, Crestron®, Kramer™, FSR™, Altinex®, and future technologies.
  • Choose from three base leg sets:
    • Fixed Height - set at 29"
    • Set and Go - set height during assembly between 29" and 42"
    • eLift electric adjustable height - adjustable between 29" and 42" with a push of a button 
  • Laminate colors include Fusion Maple, Wild Cherry, Indigo Organix, and custom color choices
  • Metal colors include Black, Silver Sparkle, and custom colors
  • Strategically placed vents enhance natural chimney effect cooling
  • Center Console Panel Cutouts for power and communication connection access      
  • Display Stand will mount a VESA-compliant large screen display for sharing work or telepresence use
  • Display Shroud protects wiring and focuses audio to the table (single display only)
  • Dual Display Mount has a two-42" display capacity (100 lb max)
  • Rack Cabinet provides 8 rack units of space that are ideal for virtual presence technology
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Spectrum Industries Cloud 32 Chromebook Cart

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Spectrum Industries InfoComm Sneak Peak

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Designed for multimedia presentations and telepresence conferences, the Spectrum’s InVision Media Collaboration Table lets students focus on media tasks together. -
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