Crowdsourcing - It's All Academic

Posted: July 23, 2010

Crowdsourcing - originally designed for the business world to outsource tasks. Don’t have the resources to take on a major project? Send that open call through the Net and communicate with the masses! Blog Post ImageNot that crowdsourcing is without controversy – opponents will cite that terms and conditions are often tilted in favor of the one doing the sourcing, and that it’s not exactly the best way to build long-term interpersonal relationships. Regardless, there is a long laundry list of successful crowdsourcing campaigns, and it certainly reflects the intense social power of the Internet. Recently, it looks as if the crowdsourcing buzz is making its way into academia. Which is not too entirely surprising since each tends to use best practices from the other when the situation fits. Kaitlyn cole recently published an article with entitled “10 Awesome Examples of Crowdsourcing in the College Classroom” that cites some interesting ways that academia uses crowdsourcing. Blog Post Image 2As for Spectrum Industries, we love it when people “discover” us on the Net. We've had a lot of fun communicating on Facebook and letting people know more about us in Wikipedia, for starters. Feel free to write us back with any higher education solution that you’re thinking of – we’d be happy to help!
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