Cvtc’s New Learning Center – A Successful Collaborative Effort!

Posted: January 20, 2011

When Chippewa Valley Technical College opened their new Learning Center last semester, many longtime hopes and dreams of CVTC students and faculty were realized. Students wanted an open concept with readily available resources, and faculty needed greater interaction to provide the support needed to retain every student possible. SDS Architects ( helped to make this vision a reality. More computer workstations and a variety of group study spaces are now readily available to students. As are a multitude of CVTC services – the Learning Center is home to the CVTC Library, Academic Services, Disability Services, and Diversity Services. With an open design better reflecting the comforts of home, students feel much more at ease in seeking the help they need. One amazing achievement behind the Learning Center project is the major contribution of the CVTC students, both financially and in design. Student Government supported construction expenses of $400,000, while CVTC Student Services staff asked students for input on the type of space they wanted. The result: Academic Services alone registered 700 students in its initial 6 weeks of operation, compared to 581 students in the entire 2009 Fall semester. Increased activity was witnessed with the other Services as well, proof that the new concept has worked as planned. Spectrum Industries was pleased to be a part of this effort. Our ultimate goal was to add value to the project with 42” high Café Tables and custom Computer Workstations. With open communication between the students and SDS Architects & CVTC faculty, this project will not only increase student retention. In the long run, the CVTC Learning Center will guide students to add value to the entire Chippewa Valley community. Photography by Eric Oxendorf Studio For more pictures of the CVTC Learning Center, visit the SDS Facebook page gallery. References: •
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