Congratulations Green Bay Packers!

Posted: February 7, 2011

Quite often success is so sweet that we forget the potential barriers that were hurdled just to get there. Such was not the case for the current Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. It has been very well documented that Green Bay had 16 players placed on injured reserve this season. Time after time, it seemed that players came out of nowhere to successfully fill the voids left behind from each subsequent injury. This continued even into the ultimate NFL game, with injuries to key players being overcome to win the Super Bowl. But to achieve the ultimate NFL season goal, there was certainly more to the Green Bay organization than what was seen on the surface. It took continuous adjustments to strategy while preparing the entire team for game-changing obstacles. Equally as important, the Packers had the team chemistry to overcome challenges during the entire season. How often do we see high-profile free agents being brought in attempt to press the “Easy” button and make things right? Sometimes it works, but sometimes it disrupts the locker room to the point where season goals are not met. Overcoming challenges is a service specialty at Spectrum Industries, Inc. Our customers often have major obstacles to overcome such as budget constraints and special project needs – even when financing is available. We go out of our way to find the best solution for our customers to obtain grants and funding for their projects. When other companies say “Here’s our product – take it or leave it!” Spectrum will find the right solution, even if it is not in our catalog. Custom orders present their own set of obstacles when drawing upon different resources – be it material or personnel – to get the job done. But we’ve been there before. Spectrum will not push the “Easy” button to get cheap oversees materials. Nor do we feel the need to tap our competitor’s talent base. We take pride in using the best local materials available, while our team chemistry is second to none. The outcome? Our products are built locally and built to last. Our entire catalog is based on customer needs, and our customer service is legendary. When we hurdle potential barriers, we simply call it “Continuous Improvement”. And when we make sure that our customers’ obstacles are overcome, everyone’s season goals are met. Way to go Packers!
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