What Do Small Business, Made In Usa, And Bread Have In Common?

Posted: March 25, 2010

Spectrum Industries Inc. is proud to produce products that are made locally and distributed internationally. Finding innovative ways to grow, produce, and prosper in today's business climate is universal. Follow the link to discover an innovative American company that has found a way to prosper by looking at how they do business in a new way. The Lesters opened their business in 2005 and quickly established themselves as a neighborhood fixture. But in early 2008, everything changed. Commodity crop prices went haywire, sending the cost of flour soaring. “It was catastrophic,” Ben said. The Lesters decided that basing their products on an ingredient produced thousands of miles away in the Midwest no longer made good business sense, and they began to ask what it would take to source grain from local growers. To read more go to the Cornucopia Institute web site.
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